What is Hyperrail


Hyper Rail's acceleration plan with a total of 9% tax

  • 9% total tax = whale friendly environment

  • 7% BuyBack for a more tactical way of handling LP! also all tokens will be burned.

  • 2% Community fee for improvements of the Hyper Rail ecosystem

  • Ticker: HyRail

Token Allocation

Hyper Rail is 100% for the community, no burn bullshit, just 21,000,000 tokens up for sale.
Just like the good old "wrapped" bitcoin. 87% public sale 5% team 5% marketing 3% community

100 %

Best Features

Low Cost


Imagine time-traveling to the start of Bitcoin with the technology of today. Hyper Rail makes this possible.

Several Profit

Hyper Rail

HyRail has chosen the same path as its grand predecessor bitcoin. Unlike most of the new shit or hype coins, we are looking for a long prosperous project just like Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned. With its exact tokenomics 21,000,000.

Early Bonus

Passive income

Most lucrative reward system in crypto.HyRail will skyrocket

Secure Storage


  • 100% safe Dxlocker
  • Whale restrictions.
  • Buybacks.
  • Community governance.
Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

Dev team is transparant and public, everything will be done to remove red flags.

Univarsal Access

Community driven

Both marketing and community members engage on this mission, of creating a foot print into the cryptospace surface. To transmit our noise we are here to stay.

Our Roadmap